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5 Liter Waste Basket Yellow Pack of 1

5 Liter Waste Basket Yellow Pack of 1

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  • Waste Management: The primary function of this bin is to serve as a waste basket or trash bin. Its sturdy construction and ample capacity make it ideal for disposing of everyday waste, such as paper, plastic, and other small items. The vibrant colors and attractive design make it a more appealing option compared to traditional, plain trash cans.
  • Art and Craft Material Storage: The same features that make this bin great for waste management also make it suitable for storing art and craft supplies. The vibrant colors can inspire creativity, and the ample storage space allows you to organize and access your materials easily. You can store items like markers, colored pencils, paintbrushes, paper, glue, and more, ensuring a tidy and creative workspace.
  • Toy Storage: This multipurpose bin is not just for adults; it's also a fantastic addition to a child's room or play area. The vibrant colors can appeal to kids, and its spacious interior can hold toys of various shapes and sizes. This means you can quickly tidy up after playtime, teaching kids the importance of organization while keeping their play area looking neat and inviting.
  • Bathroom Organization: In the bathroom, you can use this bin to store towels, toilet paper, or personal care items. The colorful design can brighten up your bathroom decor and keep things well-organized.
  • Dimensions: L 27 x W 18 x H 26 cm Package contains: 1 Basket


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